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The Original Dish Drying Mat

I haaaate doing dishes. I have ever since I was a kid. The scummy water, the gross half eaten food- icky sticky plates and bowls!? EW EW EW.

So since being married Jake has gratefully taken over that role. But I  still clean the kitchen and those plastic dish drainers can get just as nasty as the dirty dishes! Every one I've had develops this nasty slick film all over it. Water collects beneath it and gets moldy, icky and just plain gross.

So when Influenster sent me their Mom VoxBox full of products to test out, I was super crazy excited over The Original Dish Drying Mat included inside. I immediately threw out my plastic drainer and put this underneath. It fits my counter perfectly, even though our kitchen is cramped and tiny. It is a good couple of inches wider than the drying rack we use too, so we can place items around it for a even bigger dish "load". It holds enough water without bleeding through, so water doesn't EVER touch the counter! It also uses some freaky science magic to dry faster than any dish towel I used. If and when juice or food gets on it, it washes easily. I think you would have to work hard to get this mat to mold or get grody.

Also, it's crazy cheap- about $5 at Walmart, Target or Bed Bath and Beyond! I'm thinking of buying a few for a couple of baby showers coming up, these would be perfect under a bottle washing rack!

Come back later this week for more posts about all the other products from my VoxBox, Birchbox and samples from online!


jen lamb says:
at: Jul 18, 2012, 9:16:00 PM said...

I thought I brought some to you on my last visit! Guess not! I bought mine @ The Christmas Tree Shops & I LOVE them! I bought several, so when one is in the washer, I can still do dishes!
I know you hated washing dishes, as much as I hated eating off the dishes you washed... but explain... why did you hate unloading a clean dishwasher (when we had one)?
I've been busy pulling up old rugs, filling in holes in the walls & painting. Upstairs is beginning to look new again!