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Angelina's Story

On Valentine' Day 2010 Chucky Sue and Angelina were born at 9 in the morning. After a crazy 10 days in the Charlottesville NICU, Angelina died from multiple birth defects including Sirenomelia, single ventricle heart defect, and many many more. It was the hardest thing our small family has ever had to go through.

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Since Angelina's passing we've worked hard to keep her memory alive in our daily lives. I've also been extremely active within the infant-loss community. It's a sad, too-large group of parents and families who rely on each other to help deal with grief, life and memories of our deceased children. My husband, Jake, and I became first time parents and buried a child within two weeks. With family, religious, and community support we were able to  learn how to deal with our pain and grief, involve it in our lives without letting it take over everything.

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