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Doctor Doctor

My summer is just shaping up *great*.

Sadly you can't hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice as I wrote that. While the blackout ended up being a blessing in disguise (thanks again Mamaw!) as soon as the blasted heatwave ended, I got a nasty fever. I thought I was just coming down with a horrible summer cold. I dutifully took dayquil and sanitized everything so Chucky Sue wouldn't catch it. Turns out that dayquil won't get rid of a nasty case of tonsillitis so we got to  use our new urgent care office, Dr. Express.

I know we do have one of, if not THE best healthcare in the world. The fact that I took a total of 15 minutes to see a doctor, get a script and fill it is amazing. I am very grateful for that fact. Modern medicine is such a great blessing, truly. I am slightly LESS grateful that it cost as much as my car payment to spend 15 minutes in a doctor's office. I do think doctors should be paid well for their services. They sacrifice a lot for the general public and worked hard to get where they are- but even factoring overhead and business costs, my very nice doctor was being paid at a rate of  $400 an hour.  And let's not forget to mention that I was paying the "low" price because my problem didn't require much doctoring. You go to them with something that require lots of lab work or time? I'm sure the price skyrockets. There is being paid well and fairly for your services, and then there is gouging the sick because they don't want to suffer anymore.

Not saying I know where to even begin to fix this problem, but pointing out that is clearly needs to be fixed. Being sick shouldn't wipe out someone's savings or force someone to choose between getting healthy or paying their bills. Getting the script for pills that cost $4 shouldn't have cost over $100.

(also Karma, why are you kicking the one family member without insurance?)