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Angelina's Marker

My parents are simply amazing, you all should know that.

They saved up and purchased a site marker for Angelina's grave. We had been using the small plastic placeholder that the funeral home gave us two years ago and it was starting to look grungy. My parents were incredibly selfless and gave up a summer visit from Chucky Sue and me to pay for the marker. We went with butterflies for the design Really, that shouldn't be a shocker to regular readers. Angelina basically equals butterflies in this house. Even Chucky Sue points to them and says her name.

Every time I visit Angelina I have a strange whirlwind of emotions- sadness, love, confusion, and  usually after a prayer, peace.

Chucky Sue loved tracing the butterflies with her fingers and smelling the flowers Jake brought.

I never thought my family's life would include regular visits to a cemetery. It's important to both Jake and me that Chucky Sue know Angelina as much as she can, and visiting her grave is a big part of that.

So thank you Mom & Dad, you have no idea how much your generosity means to us.


jen lamb says:
at: Jul 26, 2012, 6:00:00 AM said...

You are very welcome! Thank you for showing photos of Chucky Sue tracing the butterflies! That made me choke up a bit. Angelina is in my heart daily & now, with a marker, she can be in others hearts too! Love you! Maybe an autumn visit by Papaw & Nonie... maybe.