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Story Time Troubles

We've been taking Chucky Sue to our local library story time for a while now, and she is still extremely shy and reserved with everyone there. It is very odd to see my active, loud, wild toddler transform into a quiet, shy, little girl out in public. 

She loves the books and talks about them non-stop once we leave the building, so I know she enjoys story time. She just refuses to participate in anything that may mean she has to interact with her teacher or other kids! She stands around with her lower lip stuck out during the songs or craft, it's pathetic to witness. For some reason, our story time runs as 3 weeks on, 1 week off. Usually by the third week Chucky Sue starts to dance and join in with other kids, then the week off erases everything from her memory and we start all over again. 

Any tips for getting my shy kid to get involved with her story time group? I'm not TOO worried because Jake and I are both fairly introverted, but her personality at home and with friends is such a 180 from her public personality!