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66 days away...

My life has been taken over by wedding things. My room is littered with bridal magazines, I have articles taped to my wall, ideas are scribbled on any scrap paper I find, my notes for class almost always have a small To-Do list in the margins.

Even now, at 9 pm I am still fussing over the guest list and reception menu. (I am seriously addicted to forums. They have discussions on EVERYTHING.)

But non-wedding news is always welcome. I have started a small photography project, it's called 100 Snap-Shots. You have 100 days to take 100 GOOD photos of 100 subjects. I started with one subject: Music.

Here's my photo, it's of my beloved ipod. I hope blogger doesn't resize it too bad, in the orginal size you could read the playlists :)