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Fall's HERE!

I walked out today to walk to my class and was pleasantly surprised at the brisk wind and crunchy leaves on the ground. It's been hovering around 75-85 degrees down here and now, finally we've reached the 50s! :) Of course it was an overnight turnaround so a lot of kids on campus were grumbling, but Roommate 2.0 and I couldn't stop smiling! We bundled up in our coats and skipped through the leaves. We're "glass half full" kind of people.

The photo in this entry is of Tyler Hall, which is near the computer center where I practically live. They have really REALLY fast internet there and huge double screens for photo-editing. It's like heaven.

Tonight I made a REAL dinner, not just instant food, and I was very proud of myself. I made spare ribs, salad and corn on the cob (YUM) I had no one to share it with, but that just means lots of leftovers for lunch tomorrow. :)