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Wedding CountDown: 71 Days

Just keeping the blogsphere up-to-date on the wedding and planning of the wedding.

We've moved the actual marriage up one day to the 14th in Washington DC =D, the reception will still be in our hometown the next day (Lots of Traveling involved)

Dress will be here soon, I'm working on finding a good seamstress to do any alterations.

Bridesmaids are busy working on their jobs, Susanne gets to help me with reception things, Mae is in charge of beauty in DC.

Jake is in charge of money and legal stuffs. He gets to do a lot of paperwork, which he seems to prefer over debating with me about favors. He is also looking for an apartment/house for us- hopefully not too far away from school.

speaking of school, I've been thinking about my major and future job possibilities... It's possible that I may be switching my major (I'm really not loving French in general, let alone my French class.) to graphic design/art etc. Depends on how my advisers take the news, how much work I'd have to do to catch up credit-wise, if I could still graduate in 2010 etc.etc. lotsa ifs and buts and very possible that I just won't switch.