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My Favorite iPhone Apps

Because my mom just bought an iPhone here is a list of some of my favorite iApps, I'd have a better intro to this list but I'm still giggling over my mom buying an iPhone!

Instagram (Free)- they turn your cellphone photos into fairly interesting images, if not beautiful! You can also subscribe to your friends and see their photos.

The Monster at the End of this Book ($3.99)-  it's an electronic version of my FAVORITE book, so the high price was worth it. Chucky Sue loves the interactive illustrations, especially when she gets to knock down the brick wall. We also have the sequel with Elmo ($3.99 again).

FlipBoard (free)- This app puts all your "newsfeeds" into one location. I can read Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, and different news sites all in one app. It works a lot better than the old RSS reader app I had (and paid $0.99 for!)

Lego Harry Potter ($4.99)- This app is expensive too, but it is a FULL video game and not easily completed. You definitely get your money's worth of entertainment. The controls are harder to master, but it's HARRY  POTTER guys. The levels aren't so long that you can't whip it out and finish one in a waiting room or in line at the bank.

Spendings (free)- A very simple budget app. You input how much money you have, wether it be your entire budget, your "fun money" or you just want to keep track of how much you're spending and where. Then, every time you spend money, open the app and add in the receipt. It's a very simplistic bank register that I use to help balance my account with my bank's app.

RunKeeper (free)- A handy little tool for exercise! You set up the app to track how far and fast you run/walk/bike/ride. It has coaching options, where a very nice computer voice will urge you to run faster or go for longer. You can share your results with Facebook too- it's great for running teams or exercise partners to keep tabs on each other.

 RedLaser (free)- A barcode scanner app, the first I believe. It's great to have when shopping, you can find a price if a label is missing, or see if you can get a product cheaper somewhere else. It also reads the QR codes on advertisements too.

There's a bunch more apps that I love: Plants vs Zombies, Jelly Defense, Words with Friends, Bananagrams, Scribblenauts, MadGab, the LDS Library, Nora's Bubbles and probably hundreds more!


miss jen says:
at: Mar 12, 2012, 11:39:00 AM said...

I am still learning about my new phone. I don't like NOT knowing where everything can be found yet, but it will get easier. Or at least that's what Kaya (my 5 year old friend) told me! She knew more about my phone & how to use it than I did!
Some of those apps you showcased look interesting. I may be checking them out soon.
I am happy I continue to be able to make you laugh & giggle w/o even trying! Keep on laughing! Love you!