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E-Store, What to Expect

In effort to keep up with that devoted to my blog post, I'm updating all of you on how the e-store re-opening is going. It's taking a LOT longer than I thought it would, but I love working on it! (The main delay is the lack of decent camera. I may just have to bite the bullet and use my phone until we've saved up for a real camera)

What's going to be in the store?

So far I have 3 necklace designs and 2 bracelet designs that you'll be able to order and customize- each one will be hand made to order, making each piece unique.  One is my take on the popular "bird nest" necklaces that I've seen pop up on Pinterest over and over and OVER. I'm hoping to have a preview post of just the jewelry within the next week or two.

Along with the jewelry "line" there will be all the same stock that was in the store before, stationary, glass pushpins, book marks, digital designs, limited pre-made jewelry, greeting cards etc. etc.

Then I have two secret items that will be for sale too, I want to tell you all about them so bad, but it isn't quite ready for public reveal. I can tell you that they are nothing that I've ever tried to sell before!

Where is the Store going to be? Etsy?

I use  Facebook's app called Payvment. As much as I love Etsy's community design, Payvment is FREE for the seller. It makes it's money by small ads on the store's page, so I don't have to pay per post or a percentage of the final cost. It also makes my store searchable in it's main store page, and on Google. I'll also accept orders in person or mail.

That's all I can share now, but believe me my days have been spent designing items, writing shipping/return/exchange policies, designing the graphics, and keeping Chucky Sue out of my bead box....