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Stuff Mormons Say

Have you seen the hugely popular video meme Sh*t Girls Say or any of the many, many, MANY spinoffs? (I know, the cursing turns me off from it too, but most are clean.) Here is my written take on it: 

Stuff Mormons Say
Hi There! Where you from?

What did you make for the potluck?

This shirt looked modest on the hanger!

Bless your heart.

Hey, I'm sorry for calling on a saturday, but I need a substitute for my class tomorrow...


Do you need any casseroles?

Hey, how are you?

No, L-D-S not L-S-D

I'd like to bear my testimony

I'm from Utah.

Wow, that's a lot of funeral potatoes.

Have you seen Napoleon Dynamite?

How's it going?

I don't care if I brought the goldfish for the kids, I'm hungry!


I'm from Idaho.

No, I only have one mom.

It's my only saturday off from work and I have three meetings!

Does this skirt reach my knees?

I cannot wait for this child to turn 18 months.

Habla espanol?

What hymn did they say?


I'm sure all of you could come up with hundreds more- leave them in the comments!