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Thank Heaven For Little Girls!

Finally! Something creative that isn't a total Pinterest rip off! Or at least, I've yet to see this in MY Pinterest feed.

This is a gift for a baby shower this weekend, a momma of two adorable little boys is going to have her first girl soon! So, while I usually shy away from SUPER PINK because everyone should have some variety, I couldn't pass up this adorable pink fish bath set!

I cut a cute scrapbook paper down to size so that it stayed put when I rolled it into the jar. You don't need tape or glue if you plan on filling the jar up tight. Then I put all the bath supplies and washcloths in the mason jar, covered it with basket filler, the card,  and topped the lid off with a bow.

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The "card" is a jam label from It was super easy to make and print (though the site has been overloaded and S-L-O-W due to it's huge rise in popularity.) the plan was to put it on top of the lid, but then Target went and had a clearance on their solid color party supplies.

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The fish just would not fit no matter how I arranged things, so she's swimming on the outside with a white ribbon holding on to her. I have since cut off the excess ribbon, as I cannot tie an even bow to save my life. The fish is enough "flair" anyway.

As this post is published I am at the baby shower, and hopefully the gift is well received! 

*Note to self: take photos when it's not 1am and pitch black outside. Yes, that is print paper and a board game in an attempt to make these look "better".  Project New Camera is underway though, so hopefully that means the end of cellphone photo quality!


Sorensen Family says:
at: Feb 25, 2012, 7:57:00 PM said...

Love, love love this gift!! It was very well recieved!! I love your ideas!! Thank you!!