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Chucky Sue's Vocabulary

Chucky Sue has recently had a boost in her vocabulary. I'd love to say it's because of all the well prepared and engaging toddler flash card lessons we've been doing all the time.

But the true credit goes to these guys:

The combination of Super Why, Dinosaur Train and Dora the Explorer has taught Chucky Sue the alphabet, words like hypothesis and a lot of spanish.

She still slurs a lot of words which makes her sound like a little drunken toddler.  That just makes it all the more adorable! It also proves that Jake and I both need to slow down and stop mumbling. :D

So here is another 
 Ten Toddler Translations Quiz! 
I know the  many grandmothers in Chucky Sue's life love these things.

1. Nemo (Hint: A character from My Little Pony)

2. Tain (Hint: It goes through a time tunnel!)

3. Char-Ee (Hint: her nickname!)

4. Uck (Hint: depending on context it is a either a waterfowl or opposite of  nummy.)

5. Teack (Hint: She loves teack on her belly and knees.)

6. Brash (Hint: She hardly ever lets me brash her, but she brashes mommy all the time.)

7. Ooze (Hint: you need ooze before you go bye byes!)

8. Arriba (Hint: she reaches her hands up with this one.)

9. Hots (Hint: a delicious lunchtime treat)

10.  Unkey ooh aah (Hint: this is an animal and it's sound all in one.)


miss jen says:
at: Mar 19, 2012, 5:13:00 PM said...

What fun! A guessing game! Let's see how good I can do, & thanks for the clues, it will help me.

1. I'm stumped. I said all the names I knew & not 1 even came close! Luna?

4. Duck & Yuck! oooh, that sounds like a title of a future Nick Jr cartoon!
6.Brush. Your hints are making this mostly easy!
7.Shoes, though she hardly wears them.
8.nope, no idea!
9.I'm leaning towards hot dogs. You used to call waffles, POPS, because u couldn't eat them until they went "POP" from the toaster!
10.Monkey goes heehee hoohoo?

So, how'd I do?

Tracy says:
at: Mar 19, 2012, 5:50:00 PM said...

Ooh, all the ones you answered are right- no guesses for 8?!

miss jen says:
at: Mar 19, 2012, 8:45:00 PM said...

All I could think of for #8 is" Carry me!