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Confession Time

Listen, I want to be honest with you guys. I have a new favorite show.

You'll probably think I'm weirder than I normally seem...

It's not a show that a normal 23 year old would like. In fact, it's meant for 7 year olds who happen to love the color pink. but it is SO GOOD.

it's such a sweet and funny show! In a world of tacky reality shows and bad bad "comedy" sitcoms it is nice to have a show that's just plain FUN with no obvious sexual overtones. There is magic, apples, fashion, parties, and animals- something for everypony. :)

that and Rainbow Dash is the BEST pony.


miss jen says:
at: Nov 9, 2011, 10:29:00 PM said...

You are funny! As you know, I, too have been partial to the Ponies! One of your first toys as a child was a Baby My Little Pony! You have continued that tradition w/your own daughter. I have some ponies packed for you & Chucky Sue in my bag as well as a DVD of pony music videos & songs.
You never liked the color PINK though! Weird!