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Puppies VS Babies

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies. All opinions are 100% mine.

Puppies vs. Babies

Now, I know I may be a tad impartial when it comes to this centuries old argument but I am TEAM BABIES! Their little bald heads and drooly smiles are impossible to resist! 


Let's look at this scientifically. That's the kind of standards you've come to expect from Simply 14.  Excuse me while I find my white lab coat. We'll be testing their effects on the five senses!

Smell: I admit some gagworthy smelling from a baby's diaper, but a freshly bathed baby is the BEST smell in the world. Add in a little towel wrapped snuggle and you've got yourself a great moment. Puppies always smell like DOG- or worse, WET DOG. 


Taste: Why are you tasting your baby? WHY ARE YOU TASTING A PUPPY??


Touch: There is a reason all those moisturizer commercials used "baby smooth" as an ad slogan! Baby skin is so silky and soft, you can touch it all day long! SOME puppies can be pretty soft, but you then add in all the teeth and puppy claws they like to "play" with and your soft puppy becomes a whirlwind of nibbles and scratches.


Sound: Yes babies cry, but they STOP if you give them what they're crying for (food, diaper change etc....) those dang puppies can bark. ALL. NIGHT. LONG because a shadow looked at them wrong or there is a bug near them. Then they have growls and whines that can just grate on your nerves!



this is a PUPPY.


this is a BABY. Which one would you rather have?


This scientifically proves that babies are way better in puppies in every way possible!

Do you have a strong opinion on one or the other- check out Animal Discovery's Puppies vs. Babies online contest!!

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miss jen says:
at: Nov 6, 2011, 8:36:00 PM said...

Well, I would want THAT baby, of course!
But since I cannot... Give me a cat! Or two!
My cats have never smelled! Though they like to sniff smelly things.
I have never tasted my cat or a baby, but I bet both are equally sweet!
My cats have a very soft coats of fur that I do not need to moisturize or wash for that matter! Cats are self cleaning!
As for sound... once they were "fixed" I hardly hear them. Mewing only when hungry or lonely, just like a baby!
And my cats are potty trained!
Cats always love you, babies grow up to be... teenagers! UGH!