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Curse you Blogger.... did done eated my final 31 Days of Halloween wrap up post! I don't think it even posted as it was a scheduled post.

I had fun posting everyday for 31 days, it challenged me to think of new things to post about, though I think my next blog-everyday-that-month project will be less crafting and more about our life that includes crafting. But that's not for a while! The 31 days wiped me out blogwise, I've went computer free for a day; just to unwind from it all.

Now that I'm back, I have a lot of new things I'll be rolling out on this blog. One is the promised $5 Craft/Activity posts, where I share fun things Chucky Sue and I are doing for $5 or less. We've also started preschool* activities with Chucky Sue and I'll be sharing what we do with that. (*preschool here means somewhat organized and themed games, toys and books. She's hardly starting to read or write!)

To end this post, I shall share with you some halloween photos that were in the original wrap-up post!
eating cornbread at the chili cook off

this is her favorite seat in the whole building, the window sill in the lobby. Instead of playing games she sat here and watched everyone.

playing the piano with daddy- can anyone guess what daddy's costume is? It's an orange shirt that sys "Camp Half Blood" and he carried around a lighting bolt.