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31 Days of Halloween: Day Twenty Nine and Thirty!

here's another double post so I can say after tomorrow that I have 31 posts for October 2011!

Our ward's trunk or treat was last night. If you've never been to one, it's where everyone parks their cars with trunks facing each other and hands out candy from their trunk to the kids. It's safer and quicker than a townwide trick-or-treat and great for groups like a church :) 

We decorated our car like a monster, with posterboard teeth all around the edges and the kids had to grab candy out of the mouth without getting chomped.

if I had had more time, I planned to stuff one of Chucky-Sue's old pants and make it look like the monster had claimed a victim. 

I also whipped up a poorly done poem for the side of my car, with a one eyed monster warning the kiddos to be careful around my monster car.

The trunk or treat was a blast, the kids just do laps until the candy is gone, the trunk next to ours even started handing out decorations after his loot was finished!

Part Two:

The women were in charge of dessert for the dinner portion of the night, and instead of just bringing a store bought bag of cookies, I brought a chocolate coated store bought bag of cookies. I dipped oreos in white chocolate and covered them in black and orange sprinkles. I had planned to make them into lollipops, but I bought regular stuffed oreos and the sticks were too thick! the half dipped presentation wasn't bad though. I then used the leftover chocolate and sticks to make messy lollipops by pouring melted chocolate over the sticks on wax paper , for just us at home.

well, our 31 post journey is coming to an end tomorrow- I hope you all enjoyed it and I'll resume regular sporadic blogging in November :)


miss jen says:
at: Nov 1, 2011, 4:28:00 PM said...

Great job T! Here is that idea I mentioned to you about using leftover candy.
Get a big foam core board. Hot glue some fall colored paper cups to it. Sturdy paper cups, not plastic or styrofoam! Random placement or a grid layout, doesn't matter!
Fill the cups with the extra Halloween candy.
Then using a glue stick, glue some colored tissue paper squares over the cup. You can number the tissues if you want.
Hang your creation up.
Now you have a countdown board for Thanksgiving, or Christmas or birthday or whatever! OR...
Make it a "reward" board. Do a good deed & get a treat from the board! Simply rip the tissue to get your prize!