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Chucky Sue and Her BayBee

Chucky Sue has a new best friend around our house.

I'm pleased to introduce: BayBee

(known to the public as baby Belle)

we got her at our local goodwill so her crown was long lost, but Chucky Sue loves her just the same.  They play on the slide together, eat snack together and Chucky Sue loves pointing out the BayBee's eyes, nose, and mouth etc. etc.

Chucky Sue has been obsessed with putting her to bed, or "night night" (not to be confused with her beloved blanket of the same name.) If Chucky Sue spots her BayBee she'll rush over, babble to her and shove her in a corner and tell everyone in the room to shhh.

apparently our bedtime routine has a little too much tough love...

*yes my toddler's southern accent makes "baby" sound like "baaaaybeee?" it's adorable and would make anyone go D'awwwwwww