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Spoiled Rotten

No, this post isn't about Chucky-Sue, it's about me!

I admit it, I am spoiled. As spoiled as I can be on our budget anyways. Jake treated me to a very nice birthday celebration this year. I got a subscription to Netflix (I love the streaming videos through the Wii, lots of discovery channel shows!), a graphic pen tablet, a season of NCIS and then I got to go shopping after dinner. I got a new journal and a weekly planner. All these presents are nice, and I certainly enjoy them but nothing beats having Jake give me a smooch, tell me he loves me and then snuggling together with Chucky :)

(also side story: Every time I think "Gosh I'm getting old" I just have to look at Jake and remember "but at least I'm not THAT old yet!" =D )