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Catch-Up Post

Due to our computer being out for repairs, I wasn't able to entertain you with my witty and charming posts. (I know you are all very disappointed. Please, try to hold back tears!) So We're going to play a little catch up in this post.

Chucky-Sue had a good, relaxing first Easter, we attended an Egg Hunt at our friend's house. We even snuck some of the extra eggs for her to enjoy. (What? She likes the bold colors, Mom and Dad enjoys the candy treats!) We had a simple Easter dinner at Grandma's in between sessions of conference. Her Easter outfit was techinically a 6/9 month size, but thank to a tie in the back, she pulled the look off wonderfully.

Growing Up
She's getting HUGE, she's outgrown some of my favorite sleepers for her. None of her newborn sizes fit, as she is too long. She wriggles like mad when I try to measure her, but at best guess I'd say she's around 24-25 inches now. She's still tiny when compared to other two month olds (my friend's newborns are still outweighing her!) but she makes up her size with her personality- which when she is happy is sweet as sugar. But when she is upset or doesn't like the situation she does a complete 180!

Some milestones she's hit: Lifting up her head for a few seconds at a time. When I hold her tummy to tummy she pops up and likes to look around. She also does a few mini-push ups during tummy time but not consistently. Same with social smiling, Jake and I have both gotten a grin, but  she doesn't do it often enough for us to really count it yet (and she still has lots of gassy smiles!) She's started to sleep longer stretches at night, usually 10pm-2am and then 2am-4:30/5 (we've sometimes stretched that to 6 if she's being snuggled.

She's having some minor digestive issues (mostly likely due to the extra calories and fat in the Neosure.) but that's more annoying for US than for HER. It just means she's extra fussy when doing #2 and not so pleasant to be around until her business is done.

She's been out in public a few times (grocery shopping, church, out to eat once but she really hated that.) and we're very glad the quarantine is over! We're also happy to announce that her adjusted age (the age the docs go by for milestones and physical development) is now in the positives! She's two months actual age and 9 days adjusted!

New Hampshire Trip
To quote Sheldon, "We're taking the train!"
Chucky-Sue and I will be enjoying the steady clickty clack of the smooth wheels on the polished rails come this june. We're heading up to good old NH for my sister's graduation (and yes, to show off this cutie to our northern friends and family) I'm both excited and nervous to take her up there by myself. (Jake took so much time off when the girls were born, and while Chucky-Sue was still in the NICU, he couldn't easily take more time off again so soon, Hopefully for the holiday season??) I am looking forward to seeing the "old stomping grounds" and seeing in-person how much my little farm town has grown!

Completely Random
I just want to proclaim my love to the cavewoman who invented slings. Holy crap do I love ours. Chucky-Sue sleeps deeper and better while in it. Normally she's a very wild, flailing loud and Liiiiiiiight sleeper. In the sling? She's out like a light and doesn't wake up except for food.

We may also have to give love to the inventor of the mechanical swing, but it's still being tested. So far it's good when she's already calm/sleeping but if she's fussy already, she gets this "How dare you put me in this thing" face and wails till she is rescued.

So, to sum it all up, we've been good! She's growing, we're still learning together how to make all three of our lives easier. Coming up? Hopefully scanned photos of Easter, her blessing dress and in a University Jersey! So stay tuned!!


Deanna says:
at: Apr 16, 2010, 10:27:00 AM said...

You're coming to New Hampshire!! When??? I know aprox. when, but like when? I will go there. I will go there and see you. (!!!!)