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My Little Pests

No, not my children.
No, my house isn't infested with buggies.

My gallstones are my little pests.

These things are PAINFUL. I'd MUCH rather go through labor again and  again and again than to deal with the pain these tiny buggers cause me. They make me feel as if I'm getting strangle, stabbed and kicked in the stomach all at the same time.

Tonight I went to the ER with a REALLY bad attack (it came with fever and nausea) and was told "Your bloodwork is fine, we don't really know what's wrong."

Tomorrow I'm having an ultrasound to see how bad my gallstones are (amount, size, location etc.) and hopefully seeing that they haven't hurt my liver or pancreas.

I cannot wait to have real insurance to be able to get this silly non-essential organ yanked out of me!! (I'll be all pro-healthcare bill if I can get that!!)