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Snow Day


Whatever you call it, I like it. Snow is my favorite weather condition ever, even as an adult when I have to deal with people getting to and from work, shoveling the icy walkways, or digging out our car. It's beautiful, fun and comes in all different types. Jake and I have spent the day snowed in watching DVDs, eating yummy snacks (Well, HIS are yummy, I'm on my 3-day gestational diabetes pre-diet. No sugar for me!) and just talking. It's nice to take a break from real life and just be with each other. :)

Image from: Bryant Altizer Photography


miss jen says:
at: Jan 30, 2010, 3:06:00 PM said...

Good for you, sticking to your diet! And being able to "chill out" with each other. You guys get the snow, we're in DEEP FREEZE! Lucky you.
How's the new place? Your food is still simmering, baking or being frozen. See you in 2 weeks! love me

Coiner Family says:
at: Feb 3, 2010, 4:04:00 PM said... looks all new-england-y (but it's not quite the same, no no no)