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Babies Update

Yesterday Jake and I spent the day at doctor appointments at UVA for the little ones.

First up, a regular ob/gyn appointment for me. I'm healthy, happy, blood pressure is great, my stomach is HUGE. I was measuring at 40-41 weeks along (So if this was a singleton, I'd be DONE.) All we're waiting on is the results from my 3 hour GD test, but I can get those on my thursday appointment in Big City.

Then on to the fetal echocardiogram. It was amazing to see how much bigger their hearts have gotten in a month. There's been no changes, Chucky-Sue's heart is fine, Angelina's heart has an unlabeled single ventricle heart defect. Because of her uncooperative position they couldn't get a good view of the arteries and where they lead off to. The doctors are just trying to find out as much as possible before the birth, preparation is key to plan the surgeries- no one wants a surprise during surgery. The cardiologist is very happy that Angelina's heart is reactive, it rose when they got her mad with the ultrasound wand, and lowered when she fell asleep. It looks like it's a bad situation, but the best conditions this bad situation could have. (if that makes any sense?)

Last was our very long ultrasound. (Basically everyone in UVA saw me on a table with my shirt up and belly covered in sonic gel.) Chucky-Sue is a little chub-a-lub, she's measuring 5lb 1oz, with major chipmunk cheeks. Angelina is about the same length, but much skinner, she's at 3lb 9oz. She likes to keep her feet and hands by her face, so we didn't get a great look there. the tech and the doctor both commented on how much hair both babies have- I'm glad they got my hair genes ;) again, Angelina's scrunched up position made it difficult to see all the organs, they saw adrenal glands, but no clear cut picture of kidneys or bladder, but still there has to be SOMETHING, as Evelyn still has fluid around her. My Big City doctors are will be starting the non-stress tests after my appointments now, to make sure the low fluid around Angelina isn't affecting her too much.

So all in all, no new news is very good news. I have another appointment with them in a month, to hammer out details of the leg/bladder/kidney surgery(ies?) and the actual birth. (as it's looking to little Miss Diva Chucky-Sue is perfectly happy hanging out in a breech or transverse positions, she's pushed Angelina into a tiny scrunched ball under my right ribs)

It was great to see how big they are, and marvel at how much they move, jiggle and jump in there. They are a wonderful, miraculous blessing and we cannot wait to see them :)