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Primary Class Treats!

My class, like every children's sunday school class, begs for treats every week. I try my hardest to limit it to lesson related goodies or special occasions but sometimes I just have to give into those big begging eyes!

I do however, rarely bring in food. The manual is against it, it makes a mess and really more trouble than it's worth. For Valentine's day I gave them crazy straws, for Easter they got play dough eggs. So what if "Back to School" isn't a real holiday- most of my kids are starting kindergarten and are VERY excited about it. So with a little photoshop card, I made these cute goodie bags for my kids!

What kid doesn't like balloons? I made sure to give them several so they can share with their families. The packaging is multipurpose, it's CUTE and it keeps them from blowing up the balloons until they are HOME. I wrote "Congrats!" on the balloons in sharpie and let those dry for a bit before I made all the baggies.

What are some of the more memorable treats you got as a kid? I know my mom still has the popsicle stick frames we made her for mother's day once!


jen lamb says:
at: Aug 19, 2012, 7:31:00 PM said...

Oooo. Someone has got her creative juices flowing! Nice idea for treats & I like your new layout for the blog!

Tracy says:
at: Aug 19, 2012, 7:51:00 PM said...

thanks! I'm still tinkering with it, it's the first time I've done a fully custom one!!