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Pinned & Done!

I am almost at 3000 pins on Pinterest- to celebrate here are some of my reviews from Pins I've Actually Done (PIADs, if you will)

I loved this the minute I saw it! Chucky Sue's two favorite treats combined?! I didn't actually read the recipe, because it looked a lot like puppy chow. I melted white chocolate with a touch of butter in the mircowave, spread it all over the popcorn and then shook crushed oreos all over it. After about an hour in the fridge the chocolate hardened and we munched on it for FHE. Next time I make it,  I'll be more careful about picking out all the un-popped kernels. Those were no fun to bite into! Or maybe I'll just buy those pre-popped popcorn bags!

This is one craft that we're doing for the magazine, A round candy with a Hershey kiss glued to the top to make an adorable pencil! I even made a video tutorial that isn't available YET but will be soon! (Yeah, there's a youtube channel for the magazine too!)

Beachy Waves
This one  I did forever ago, and since I've chopped off all my hair! But it was my go-to "fancy" hair when I had no time or Chucky Sue was being a demanding toddler. The picture doesn't lead to a tutorial (at least the pin I saw- anyone know the source?) You plait your hair into two large fairly loose braids, then twist them tightly away from your face and use the straighter along the "grain" of your hair- meaning you twist it instead of pulling straight down. Then you let your hair cool, or put some curl hold spray stuff (I am such a good beauty blogger.) and voila! beachy waves without the beach or too much product.

Salt Dough Ornaments
Just ask Jake- there's no flour or salt left in this house. Testing a small batch for the magazine ended up as a week long process and it was SO MUCH FUN. I made pre-baked ornaments that will end up in the magazine, plus a bunch of family ones that Chucky Sue helped me color. (Nonie's has a frog, Angelina a butterfly and Chucky Sue chose a moon and stars!) I love that this craft can be adapted for a lot of different age levels. Chucky Sue loved just playing with the dough and squishing it. Older kids will actually be able to design and bake their ornaments or knick-knacks.

Chucky Sue has two or three Barbie dolls. One has a molded leotard on, but Chucky Sue being the ultimate american kid, strips her dolls down and plays with them naked. Not so much a problem at home, but at church it can be kind of embarrassing to be discussing modesty and chastity with a naked Barbie being tossed about under the pews. I used some left over bon-bon (remember bon-bon nail polish? These were easily from the 8th grade!) and made the other dolls permanent swim suits.

A lot of articles on the blogosphere are talking about Pinterest's decline, and whether or not the site will stick around and be successful. I think it won't ever regain it's crazy popularity it had a year ago, but it's here to stay if I have anything to say about it!