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New Year Resolutions: A Review

Back in January I posted  a listed of things I wanted to get done this year, both personally and professionally.  Now, 8 months into the year, how have I done so far?

These photos are completely unrelated to the post- but they are cute!  
Personally I've tried to be a better mom- scheduling Chucky Sue's day better and spending more one on one time with her while being 100% focused on our activity. She's slowly starting to enjoy craft projects, and of course loves it when I play along with her toys. We've decided to wait another 6 months or so before attempting to potty train again. Chucky Sue's communication skills need to develop a bit more; She still spends some days just grunting and pointing instead of using the words we know she knows.

I've also started walking just about everyday (though I will admit that has stopped entirely during this crazy oppressive heat!) and being more aware of what I'm eating. I've almost entirely cut out caffeine and soda, I save it as a treat for when we go out to eat. With all those habit changes, I have lost about 15lbs since February. It's slow going but I'm happy with any loss!

Professionally I had set out to *someday* finish my college education in hopes to find a job with social media advertising. By complete lucky and random chance I found a job I qualified for on Craigslist and am now a freelance writer and graphic designer for Growing Up in The Valley- a new family magazine for all of Southwest Virginia! Our first issue is due out at the end of the this month and I am so excited to share it with all of you! I wrote three articles (about 4ish pages depending on the layout) and so far I've designed 3 ads for our sponsors. I will also be in the online video on the website! I would have never thought I could find a job like this and still be able to stay at home with Chucky Sue. Sometimes blessings are hard to see, sometimes they just smack you in the face. This is definitely a face-smacking blessing.

If you asked me a year ago where I thought I'd be, I would have never guessed that I'd have this much success and happiness. I was predicting that I'd be in a stalemate professionally- stuck between working out of the house and paying for daycare or staying home and not having a career at all. I've never held much stock in making resolutions for the New Year, but I think I'm changing my tune!


jen lamb says:
at: Aug 10, 2012, 5:43:00 PM said...

Congratulations on the whole bunch of good things happening in your life! I can't wait to see what you've been working on w/the publication! Hooray for kicking the soda habit! Cut down on bread, pasta & potatoes & increase fresh/frozen veggies & you will see a big difference in your weight! Kisses & hugs to Chucky-Sue from Nonie!