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Recycled Art: Jewelry on the Cheap!

I've written about this craft before-
This was 1.5 pages of magazines worth of beads.
Normally I try to not write duplicate posts but the last post was back in 2009, so I hope you excuse me! I made the beads myself, but Chucky Sue helped me string them into some beautiful necklaces. It was great for her fine motor skills. She is really turning into a girly girl, so she loves anything with jewelry or makeup lately.

Don't let her serious face trick you, she was having a blast- it's just hard work to concentrate! (also the bad editing is for Jake, he didn't want to show up in his PJs on my blog!)

Our first completed masterpiece.
They are a perfect rainy day craft, all you need is paper, scissors, glue and string. 
1: a dowel or skewer to roll the paper on 2: glue to hold it all together 3: long skinny triangles of magazine paper works best! 4: any string you have laying around will work 5: Scissors to keep the edges neat, I've tried tearing it before and it never turned out well!

I really love that I can make fun old necklaces and bracelets and if Chucky Sue crushes it, or it gets ruined all it cost me was a few cents and an hour or two. Quite different from when she rips my chain necklaces to pieces and I'm out at least $10!

Fun, easy, and earth friendly jewelry!