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Geek Gadget: Iphone Covers

I am slightly obsessed with iphone covers. Jake rolls his eyes everytime we got go to a department store or to the mall because he knows I will be browsing the iphone cover aisle for a good long while. (Don't worry, I limit myself for the sake of my budget, no new cover until the old one breaks!) But it just amazes me how creative people can get with such a simple shape!

Like this one, that looks like a sandwich!  This one was spotted in Asia though, so I'm not sure it's available state side.

This one proves that homemade can be a great option too! This fellow Trekkie super glued an old broken pin to his plain black case and geeks around the world were jealous!

This one featured on Babble is a contender for my next case, a lego one! I can see the awe on a kid's face if you whip this out in a waiting room and a few blocks to play with!

Besides just gorgeous patterns or colors, I love that iPhone case artists call back to old technology like in this GameBoy case. I definitely remember caring around that brick of a handheld to play Dr. Mario!

Then of course there has to be something Star Wars themed! I think this case almost got Jake interested in an iPhone.

believe me, there are some crazy talented artists out there using apple's dimensions as a canvas!


Sorensen Family says:
at: Jun 3, 2012, 3:17:00 PM said...

I so want the gameboy case!!