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Baby Shower Gift: Painting

I have a few "go-to" baby shower gifts. Travel sized toiletries, burp cloths, and of course, diapers!

 My very first baby shower I  was ever invited to (of which I was in charge of buying the gift) was for Jake's childhood friend Susan. After receiving the invite, I called my mom lickety-split for advice. I didn't know what to get for a new mom! If I recall correctly, I ended up giving her washcloths and soap? But along with those useful gifts, I painted her an incredibly simple picture to decorate her nursery. Since then, I've tried to always include a homemade decorative item in my gift- whether it be a blanket, personalized letters, or a painting.

Now one of my best friends, Lindsay, is having her second baby- a little girl! Because she is hardly online I can share it early with you! This little one will eventually be sharing a room with her big brother, so Lindsay wanted something that wasn't TOO girly, but still had pink involved in it. I found a quilt pattern that I loved, tweaked the colors and design a bit to fit my needs and came up with this masterpiece!

I am in love with the blue and purple giraffe, I've named him Humphrey.


Susan says:
at: Apr 14, 2012, 10:44:00 PM said...

Love it! And just so you know... I love the picture you gave me too!! In case you don't remember, it's a pink ladybug with a green background and it matches her room perfectly. It's been in her room since before she was born. I had no idea mine was your first "big girl" shower, but I remember that being an extremely thoughtful gift from someone I'd never even met. It was one of my favorite and most memorable gifts, so keep up the tradition!

Tracy says:
at: Apr 15, 2012, 7:03:00 PM said...

Charlie actually has a 3x2 version of the same painting in her room, green and pink is my favorite girly combo :) I like adding something homemade- it just adds a nice touch :)