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Zombies, Run!

I've been trying really hard to keep my resolution of 2012 to be healthier. I haven't lost an extreme amount of weight, but noticeable enough for me to keep going. I've written about how much my daily walks affect my mood- but that affect is afterwards. I feel energized and ready for the day after the walk. During the walk is a whole other story. I get bored, my mind craves stimulation. I've tried peppy workout playlists, books on tape- nothing was really working for me. Enter my super awesome high school english teacher, who while training to go to OUTER SPACE, has used the running app- Zombies, Run!

It's an interactive video game, in which you literally run away from zombies who are out to kill you. The game works by interrupting your playlist of choice with audio clips, taking you through a story about a town trying to survive relentless zombie attacks. You play the role of Runner 5, helping the town by collecting items like first aid kits or important files. You use those collected items to build up and fortify the town while you're not running. I love the way how it takes the best elements of both audiobooks and playlists and then adds the excitement of playing a game. It is also TERRIFYING to hear a zombie moaning in your ear as your friends yell at you to run for your life. It definitely gets the adrenaline pumping! 

It has helped a lot, I am excited to wake up and go play the next mission, to see what is going to happen to the town. I have to stop myself from going out longer just to play another level. I don't just walk slowly through my route anymore, but actually run or jog. I, the anti-runner, ran a whole mile without stopping today. Okay, it was a 20 minute mile, which is horrendous but better than nothing! So if you're bored on your runs, consider adding this to your iPhone or Android. I'm hoping they update to add a community function, allowing us to run away from those zoms together.

Note: Zombies, Run and Six to Start have no idea who I am and have not compensated me at all for this post, I just like sharing great finds with you guys!


Sarah says:
at: Apr 30, 2012, 3:36:00 PM said...

Tracy this looks so fun! I'm going to try it out. I wonder if it cares if i'm running on a treadmill.....