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Procrastination Station: List Writing

In normal Tracy fashion, I'm putting off what I need to do to write a list about what I need to do. I wanted to write a birthday planning post, so that faraway family and friends can know what exactly they are missing from Chucky Sue's second birthday party.

We (read: I by myself with financial support from Jake) have planned a rainbow pony party for little miss. So let's go down to the list, broken down into categories for your convenience.

Food To Do:
*Bake 8 different colored cakes (yeah, rainbow cake sounded good at the time...then I realized I have to make a different cake for each color.)

*Decorate the cake (I'm painting on an image of Pinkie Pie then lining the cake with pony statues, topped off with a pink 2.)
which one do you like best?

*Buy toppings for the hot dog bar (having a whole buffet of Chucky Sue's favorite foods)
*Color and Make Rainbow Pasta Salad
*Skewer Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

Decorate To Do:
*Make Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Pony poster & tails
*Blow up and place balloons
*Felt "Happy Birthday" bunting
inspiration, but rainbow-ed
*Dye Rainbow Rice for centerpiece
*Clean House (ugggh, I hate this part. I may just stuff all the mess up the chimney.)
*Goody Bags for cousins (This part is lots of fun, I hope they like them!)
*Buy and color butcher paper for "tablecloths"

I keep batting around different ideas from my pinterest board;


Kat and Andy Bartholomew says:
at: Feb 6, 2012, 2:43:00 PM said...

Man, I want a invite to this party! It sounds so fun!

miss jen says:
at: Feb 6, 2012, 3:39:00 PM said...

All your ideas look so good! She is only 2 though, save some of your energy for her other future birthday parties.
This week, her Gramma Fisher should be getting THE BIG BOX O'GIFTS from us, to bring with her to the party! Fingers crossed!
As for the cleaning part... go overboard cleaning on the bathroom & kitchen. Everywhere else can be hidden or covered, right?

Nicki says:
at: Feb 6, 2012, 10:53:00 PM said...

We are super excited to come celebrate our sweet niece/cousins birthday. Cute theme!