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Things I've Pinned:

Here are some of the latest things on Pinterest that have been eating up my time.

Book Sculpture (Credit: Anagram Bookshop, Prague)

Antique Spoon Bracelet (Credit: Silver Spoon Creations )
by the way, the royal rose bracelet from this store would make a terrific birthday gift. Just saying.

How to Close Sandwich Baggies for Good (Credit: Provident Living Today )
a really quick and green innovation for those leftover water bottles!

Dress Up Your Dresser (Credit: Twice Lovely )
simple to follow tutorial and links to stores!

Chore Magnets (Credit: More Than a Memory)
I added that I'd make this "Family Money" to buy things from "Mom and Dad's  store" such as bedtime passes, a special day, or an extra sweet treat. 


miss jen says:
at: Jan 31, 2012, 10:38:00 AM said...

LOVING the chore magnet idea, tho w/no kids around anymore to do the chores, who will pay me?
Also think the bottle/bag closer idea is awesome! And will save money when I buy sandwich bags now. The zipper kind is more expensive.
Love you!