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Tutorial: Quick and Easy Wreath

Due to the budget restrictions we weren't able to purchase a wreath for our door this year (finally when I have a pretty door to decorate!) So I searched around my home to find things to help christmasify our home.

I found:

a wire hanger
plastic shopping bags
scrap felt pieces

I bent the hanger in a vaguely round shape, I did it with my hands so it was a little wobbly.

I then hot glued shopping bags around and around the wire circle to thicken the shape and make it smoother.

Here it is hanging on the door, I was judging the size before proceeding.

Then I glued alternating colored strips of felt, and topped it off with a felt "holly branch"

and TA DA, easy peasy and FREE christmas wreath. I could have made it much thicker, but I didn't have enough felt to do so.


Susan says:
at: Dec 20, 2011, 12:52:00 AM said...

That is really cute! And free is even better!