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Project For Awesome

You know the video with the dog skateboarding? Or the Charlie Bit My Finger video? I'm sure every one of you has been forwarded a silly or stupid video from Youtube. Now imagine that if for one day, instead of forwarding on a video of a cat dancing, you forward videos that make a difference- videos that promote and teach people about the hundred of different charities around the world. How incredibly awesome would it be to harness the power of the internet and use it for good, rather than it's normal apathy.

John and Hank Green, and their thousands of fans (remember that post about nerdfighters?) do just that on December 17th each year. They swarm Youtube by uploading videos, commenting and rating others so that the whole front page of Youtube is filled with important and interesting videos- instead of half dressed celebrities and video games. Even if you don't know how to make a video- go on Youtube on the 17th and comment on some of the videos. The majority of them are really well made, and at times entertaining.

I'm going to try to make a video. TRY being the operative word. I have the equipment and basic BASIC knowledge of video editing- so I hope to have one posted on that day about Ronald McDonald Houses. So if the idea of commenting on a stranger's video freaks you out- look for mine, I'll be linking it to my facebook on the 17th! I challenge any readers with a video camera to make a video and upload it too- even a short cellphone video is better than nothing!

Here are some links to my favorite past P4A's videos:

(yeah, I'm a sucker for songs okay?)


miss jen says:
at: Dec 17, 2011, 9:38:00 AM said...

Very nice. Only problem I found was the words changed too fast at times (sort of like when I talk with you & Jake!) but I liked the video. Good job.