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Such a Grown Up Thing to do!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and for the first time, Jake and I are hosting a family event. My mother  and sisters-in-law always host our weekly sunday dinners and family birthday parties. I'm even cooking the main part of dinner- everyone else is bringing sides or desserts. (Chicken Pot Pie, for those of you wondering)

It's ridiculous how much it's making me feel "grown up". It's like I have a list in my head of things you have to do to become an adult. Or maybe it's more like Bingo- and I've finally got my five across! (Turning 18 is the free space right?)

I've decorated the house, cleaned everything, and prepared billions of dozens of cookies. Jake's family acts out the nativity each year- and I made silly felt costumes for the angel, Mary, the wise(wo)man and a shepherd.

I hope you all are having a great holiday season! I have two-three more holiday posts lined up then back to regular scheduled randomness!


miss jen says:
at: Dec 24, 2011, 1:43:00 AM said...

Wow, hosting is a big step for you! Good luck. I hope you don't get too stressed but still have a good time!
My only advice?
Be sure that anything your guests have to eat or drink with (flatware, plates & cups) has been properly washed and that you sanitize your bathroom fixtures.
You can never be too careful in the cold & flu season!
Merry Christmas! And a have a happy hosting!