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31 Days of Halloween: Day Twenty Two

Halloween Fun Facts

* Jack-o-Lanterns were originally carved turnips! When europeans came to north america they found that pumpkins were easier to grow and to carve. They also were carved all fall season- not just for Halloween.

* The average american eats 24.7 lbs of candy a year- how much of that do you think is from halloween alone?

* In Scotland some communities make children sing a song or tell a ghost story before they get their halloween treat.

* There are 1,177 chocolate factories in the USA.

* UNICEF started their trick or treat donation campaign in Pennsylvania in 1952, to date they've collected $118 million in donations!

* a once common halloween game was to peel a long piece of apple skin, toss it over your shoulder and it would land in the letter of your spouse's future name.

* the USA grew and used 1.1 billion pounds of pumpkin last year.