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31 Days of Halloween: Day Twenty Three

You only have a few days left- how is your costume coming along?

Here are a few ideas for cheap and more importantly FAST costumes for you and your family. Our costumes this year have totaled $15 for all three of us, $8 of that being towards Chucky Sue's store bought costume. (I know, I'm a horrible crafter but my sewing machine is broken and I couldn't resist the purple fairy costume!)

1. Go as a Safari Party! Wear khaki and animal print clothes, add a few bandanas or sunglasses, find your binoculars or make some out of toilet paper rolls, and finally carry around some animal books or maps.

2. Switch Roles- Parents dress as the kids and the kids go as grown ups! Mom and Dad can wear bright mismatching colors and bring a toy while the kids dress for work and have briefcases and purses.

3. Be a smarty pants- literally! hot glue some Smarties candies on to a old pair of pants. There's also going as the black eye'd peas with black Ps on your eyes, or putting a quarter on your back- let's see if you can guess what that one is for ;)

4.  Go as a 007 family! Dress in your fancy clothes, sunglasses and remember to ask for your drinks to be shaken, not stirred.

5. What is scarier than a middle school gym class? Dad and Mom can go as the coaches with shorts and sports team t-shirts and whip those kids in shape :) Don't forget the whistle and balls!

What are you going for as halloween this year- share your pictures with me, I'm always looking for new ideas!!