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31 Days of Halloween: Day Twenty Four

I'd like to introduce you all to my friend,
She's a nice old lady witch who is in desperate need of some candy to build her magical castle- she lives across the street from the Tooth Fairy and is distantly related to the Easter Bunny.

On November 7th she collects leftover Halloween candy from boys and girls while they are sleeping and leaves behind small presents as a thank you.  The Switch Witch has also been known to make surprise visits after Christmas and Easter, sometimes even after a birthday! She always seems to know when a kid has too much candy hidden away in the house somewhere.

Now, if for some reason the Switch Witch hasn't been to you house before, you can write her letters letting her know you have a lot of candy you'd like to switch for a new gift. She lives on 789 Chocolate Brick Road, Fairy Land.

Thankfully the Switch Witch doesn't trade with Chucky Sue yet, so I can nab all of the good candy...