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31 Days of Halloween: Day Twenty and Twenty One

So life knocked me down yesterday and I didn't make time to post- I apologize! I'm combining two posts into one for today!

Here is a cute spooky skirt I made for Chucky-Sue! I used a black fabric pen to draw on a spider and the triangles along the bottom. It is really simple to do too- I took a long rectangle, hemmed both sides, strung elastic through one side and sewed the unfinished sides together. 

and here link to a whole bunch of 
homemade chocolate bars for your own fancy pants parties.

and yes, I'll be making many many batches of those homemade Twix once I go grocery shopping this week.


miss jen says:
at: Oct 21, 2011, 11:03:00 PM said...

Be careful! Get yourself a candy thermometer. Hot sugar is dangerous! But it is yummy when cooled! Good luck! Chucky Sue is going to be very spoiled in a few weeks! Nonie went Christmas hunting!