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31 Days of Halloween: Day Nineteen

Halloween Candy Poll!

Let's have a poll of everyone's favorite sweet treat for halloween! Do you scour your bag looking for chocolate and leaving those mary janes behind? Or are you more a lollipop person? Do I have any readers who are also bubblegumaholics?? Were you allowed to scarf down the whole bag as fast as you could, or did your parents limit you to one piece a day?

I have a whole post dedicated to a cute idea about what to do with your children's treats coming up this weekend- be on the look out for that. (and yell at me if I forget.)

 Leave your answer in the comments below!


miss jen says:
at: Oct 20, 2011, 1:52:00 AM said...

REESE'S!!!! I would sneak those the most from your bags. Then Snickers, Milky Way & 3 Musketeers! I tried to toss out the hard candy like lollipops, I felt they were the worst for your teeth. I also tossed Whoppers! I hate those things. Nestle Crunch also a favorite.