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31 Days of Halloween: Day Eighteen

I cannot throw out toilet paper tubes. They are just too useful for crafts and games and I have a whole box of them in my craft "area" (that's right, our move to Big City earned me a craft AREA. No more crafting on the kitchen table for me!) I've used them as puppets, bowling pins, trees, boats, cars ad trains. They can be anything!

Today we'll be using these mutlipurpose cardboard tubes for halloween treat packaging!

you'll need:
pretty paper- I used scrapbook paper but wrapping paper  or a few layers or tissue paper works just as well.
modge podge
a brush or sponge
paper towels to clean up spills.

You cut the paper into 4"x4" rectangles for the standard toilet paper tube, I forget what I trimmed the paper to for the paper towel tube.

put a wide thin line of modge podge across the tube, place one end of the paper on it, wrap it around and make sure it sticks down. I had to add a little bit on the seam to keep it from peeling off.  Let it dry for a few minutes. then fold in one end, fill with treats, fold in the other and wrap it up with a ribbon.

I found I didn't need to wrap the ribbon lengthwise to keep it closed because my candies were so light, heavier treats may need some re-enforcing on the openings.


miss jen says:
at: Oct 19, 2011, 7:57:00 PM said...

What about a carving jack o lanterns post or silly costumes like taping a quarter to your back & going to a party as a "quarterback"? What was your favorite candy in your treat bag... that I wouldn't steal! What was the longest time you had leftover candy? Did it last til Easter?