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Spaghetti Trick

I just found out about a cool dinner trick you should try at your next party.

Take some regular uncooked spaghetti noodles. Tell your friends to hold each end of the noodle and try to bend it so it breaks into two even pieces. When they fail, tell them to try over and over- following the same rule- must use one hand on either end of the noodle. Then laugh a little bit at their frustration. :)

Math tells me that Spaghetti cannot be bent into two pieces, it will always be three or more. It has something to do with the fragmentation of the noodle, that it will snap at the weak points between the fragments before it snaps in half.

Jake tells me that your diner guests can easily cheat and just choke up on the noodle and snap it in the center- but those are the guests that get the smallest dessert portions.