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Adult-like Decision Making

We needed a new printer, our old trusty $29.99 Target Special finally crapped out on us the last time we tried to change ink cartridges. We had a goal. This new printer must be:

1. Wireless, so we can print from the living room (where the computers are) without having to lug the laptops back and forth and keep track of all the cords.

2. Be able to scan reasonable well, I need that for a lot of my digital artsy stuff. (not having a ridiculous 90's style fax machine attached would be a plus too....)

3. be less than $100 total with not-super-crazy expensive ink.

we found ourselves at our local Wal-Mart, place for all things cheap and quick. We found exactly three printers for sale. The first was an identical match to the one we already one-but not wireless. the other two were pretty much exact copies of each other. Jake and I stood there looking back and forth at each box, comparing print speeds and ink layouts and whatamajiggers and whozamawhatzees.

"Well, which one do you like?" He asked me.
"I dunno. which one do you like?" I replied.
"Just pick one Tracy!!" The poor man was tired from his overnight shift, and was spending money. Those are two things he hates.

I studied the boxes some more. They each had a nifty SD card reader, pretty LCD display screens... Then I saw it, the extreme deciding factor in this Very Important Decision.

The Kodak ESP Printer came with 
 Harry Potter Image Editing Software.

That was it, that lone sticker half ripped off by a careless employee is what got Kodak our hard-earned money over whatever that other printer was. I am now trying so hard to finish the printing project I initially replaced our printer for so I can go play with all the pretty EXCLUSIVE and OFFICIAL images.

I am such a good grown up.

P.S. I can't believe this is the first post I've needed the tag "harry potter" for before!!