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Clean Up Time!

You may have noticed some craziness going on if you read my blog from the direct URL.

I'e changed the layout, deleted a lot of personal information- changed the name of the blog itself! what's going on here??

Since my online consulting gig is gone until further notice, I'm trying to make up that money through my blog here.  To do that however, is to allow, nay, ENCOURAGE strangers to come to my blog and read about my family, my thoughts, reviews (like the one below) and what have you. Jake and I decided that to do that- we're removing any and all personal information- including our real names, locations etc. etc. <- that sentence was an example of that change. I'll have a "Who is Who" posted in the sidebar soon, so you will be able to follow along at home! (Edit: it's up in the left hand sidebar now, go enjoy!)

Now I have the daunting task of going through each and every one of my 200+ blog posts and changing the names, generalizing locations and removing some pictures (and boring posts. some of them were HORRIBLE)

and to my family: oh yes,you will just love the nicknames I've come up for you all. mwhahahaha!!