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A Year on Sunday

Chucky-Sue has been HOME for a year this sunday!
first "photos" of the Girls

When she came home she was 5lbs 11oz,  a touch over 18 inches long, and sleeping almost 22 hours a day, but never longer than 3 hours at a time! Now she's 18lbs 2oz, 26 inches long and sleeping a straight 12 hours each night, plus a wonderful 3 hour nap in the afternoon.

12 months of ups and downs.(Mostly ups!)
12 months of dirty diapers.
12 months of cleaning bottles.
12 months of doctor appointments.
12 months of kisses and hugs.
12 months of formula scoops.

Soon there will be no more bottles, no more formula, less doctor appointments and a lot later, but in the horizon, no diapers! She has grown so fast these past few months, she's almost completely bottle-free, she's on her last can of formula, she's thiiiis close to standing on her own and, dare I say it, walking!?

I love you so much Chucky baby!!


Susan says:
at: Mar 4, 2011, 9:06:00 AM said...

I love this post! Charlie is a growing girl! I'm jealous about the sleeping 12 hrs at night -- I think my good sleeper card expired with Breeley because Zack is still waking multiple times at night. I'm hoping once his sicknesses and teething are over, we may move closer to the good sleeping! Congrats on one year at home with your sweet and adorable Charlie!!