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Blogs I'm reading

I have too many thoughts swirling in my head to sort through them and post, so here's a list of posts I'm reading from some of my favorite blogs:

SAHM Etsy Team Blog: Washable Sandwich Bag tutorial I definitely want to make some of these!

Advice to a bored Child @ Stark.Raving.Mad.Mommy I can just HEAR my mom's voice in my head when I read this.

Thoughts @ Happiest Sad I love this LDS birth mother's blog so much (I've blogged about it before) Her point of view on adoption is just amazing.

Epbot: Miami Comic-Con It's always good to get a daily helping of geek in your blog diet.

Sketchbook Challenge: Look in The Middle I love this site, it gives me great inspiration for my on sketchbooks. Have you checked out to see my lastest doo-dah-doodles?


miss jen says:
at: Mar 2, 2011, 6:05:00 AM said...

I, too, saw myself when reading the Starkravingmad blog entry about a bored child.
Boring IS, as boring DOES, I always told you!
Connor is always bored, & now Kaya has begun using that word! Argh! Love Ya!