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book reviews: Paper Towns, 13 Blue Envelopes

I got my own library card since I was about 10 years old this past monday. I then proceeded to check out four novels, one biography, two literary magazines and one cookbook.

I've finished two novels, the biography was rather dry (it was Geeks by John Katz, interesting story if you're REALLY into computers.) and the cookbook was about cupcakes, so there was nothing wrong there.

I read Paper Towns by John Green, it was interesting. It was very funny and sprinkled with Harry Potter jokes. but the main story, I guess went over my head? It built up to this great meeting between the main characters and I felt a little let down by the conclusion. It was enjoyable though, and It entertained me as a good book should.

then I read 13 (little?) Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson. I really liked this one. A crazy aunt send her shy, polite niece on a insane scavenge hunt around europe, following the same trail the aunt took when she "disappeared". The characters are sweet and you just want to BE there with the niece. Plus it's got a bit of mystery which keeps it from being a super predictable teen-novel. I just wish it had been longer! I finished it in just a few hours.

Now I need suggestions from you for books to borrow- The Hunger Games that's been recommened to me a gazillion times has a fairly long waiting list. Any ideas dear reader?


Deanna says:
at: Sep 1, 2010, 11:45:00 AM said...

I recomend Looking for Alaska by John Green, Most Def the Hunger Games trilogy, 13 reasons why by Jay Asher, and Devilish by MJ.

It's all YA lit, because that's what I read, but all quality.

Jaime says:
at: Sep 2, 2010, 5:50:00 PM said...

i am reading a trilogy you might enjoy. the first is called shiver-it's a ya book too. twilight-ish.

Grammie says:
at: Sep 7, 2010, 11:41:00 PM said...

Am I ever going to get a phone call to confirm your address? A packages is waiting to be mailled!!! Sure would love to talk w/ you