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Thanks to the wonderful free public wifi at our local library, here are the long awaited photos. I kinda wish they were better quality due to the huge build up I've been giving them...

This is Chucky-Sue highly enjoying our tent. She quickly learned that the entire thing makes that fun crinkly noise that her little book does. We couldn't put her down without her trying to scrunch and munch on the tent floor. She probably was the most comfortable in our tent, sleeping in her normal napping spot- the bouncy chair. She slept GREAT, and didn't wake up even with the older kids having fun with night-time tag  and glo-sticks.

However, she did wake VERY early. Early enough for me to watch the entire sunrise which, while pretty, is so not worth being tired the rest of the day. (Notice my oh-so-happy face for being up before Mr. Sun.)

and just a cute shot of Niece cause she's pretty and had just got new bangs :)


Deanna says:
at: Sep 16, 2010, 10:14:00 PM said...

Your daughter isn't cute enough, please make her cuter.

Just kidding.