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Seven Blessings

Sign #3452.3 that I'm growing up: In times of stress, strife and pain I immediately try to think of all the good things going on in my life. With this year full of many ups and downs and in-betweens I decided I need a list of them to fall back on whenever I feel like God is picking on me.

1. I have a happy, healthy marriage. I have someone to go through this world with, to help me deal with my problems and worries. I will always have at least one person to rely on, who will always come through for me. Knowing that no matter what changes, I have Jake and that makes everything a million times easier!

2. I have Chucky-Sue. Yes, she ultimately will cost me hundreds of thousand of dollars, I have to give up my precious sleep to take care of her, and she spits up all over my favorite shirts- but I have what I've been trying to have for two plus years- a baby. I know many couples who've had to wait much much longer to have that.

3. I have the Church. Religious beliefs aside, the Church takes care of it's members very well. I know I will never starve, I'll never be living on the street. I could move to pretty much anywhere in the world and have that instant support system there to help me. Add in the religious beliefs, and I have the priesthood in my home to get me those extra "boosts" through tougher trials.

4. This one is brand-new: I finally have my health! With my gallbladder removed, I know I shouldn't have to go to the doctor ,barring an emergency, for another year. I don't have to worry how to pay for long term medication or therapies for anyone in my family.

Those are my main four, the four that if they were taken away suddenly, I'd have to do some seriously soul searching to get past it. (Is that jinxing it? just in case: Double back jinx, jinx double back)

now on to the blessings that make me giggle:
5. I have the complete series of Friends. Despite it's criticized entertainment value, I have them all and can laugh with Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe whenever I like. (I also can have entire conversations in friends' quotes with Jake.)

6. I have a pool. Necessary to live? no, not at all. I can jump in, along with many neighbors and have some summer fun!

7.I can entertain myself easily- just ask Jake, he's caught me making funny faces in my hand mirror for HOURS. My face is just so mold-able! Currently my entertainment is sewing a dress for Chucky-Sue.

There are hundreds more, little things like having an extra jar of fluff in my cupboards or knowing how to knit. They're seemingly unimportant but in the face of horrible trials they lift my spirits and keep my life in perspective. Dear readers, I challenge you to find blessings in your life-whether it be your favorite pen (Sharpies all the way!) or something big like a love in your life, knowing those blessings will make all the bad things melt away. (eventually. maybe.someday. possibly.)



Nicki says:
at: Jul 12, 2010, 11:44:00 AM said...

I love your outlook on life!