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Random Thoughts

I like list posts, I'm rather addicted to them, so here is a list of Random Things:

1. I really liked Toy Story 3, sequels from Disney are usually HORRIBLE (Cinderella 3? Really??) but Pixar's dedication to "story first" has saved the Toy Story franchise from going the way of Peter Pan with it's millions of Tinkerbell spin-offs. I cried, yes cried. I have the same strong connection to toys as Andy does and the end was just tenderly heartbreaking! I also now NEED to get a spanish-mode Buzz Lightyear!!

2. Teething is a cruel cruel trick on parents. (and babies, I guess, they are the ones dealing with the actual pain...) My once happy easy going baby is cranky, fussy and cannot sleep during the day due to these mean calcium deposits in her gums!

3. I've learned that having two adults at home during the day does NOT make the house cleaner as I earlier imagined, but in fact makes it messier, as there is twice as many dirty dishes, twice as many DVDs and video games strewn about etc. etc. newest spin-off blog is hilarious!  I love seeing the "behind-the-scenes" posts from Jen and John while on their book tour, and the geekiness that oozes out of every post is delectable!

5. I am losing BADLY to my mother in facebook's scrabble game. Horribly. She is kicking my butt all over the place!! my tiles have been horrible and my only open spots give her great bonus spaces to work with!! I need to play with someone who has a worse vocabulary than me. Know of any first graders willing??

6. As of this moment I am creating a playlist for our cultural night. Jake is laughing at the songs I'm including but they all fit the theme! to make the list the song must be either A) in another language B) Mention a different country C) Mention the words "Summer " "Beach" or "Fun" and D) is upbeat, fast and clean
I totally think Macarena, Istanbul(Not Constantinople) and Bohemian Rhapsody-Dance Club Remix belong on the same playlist.... What? Why are you reaching for ear plugs??

7.We were pet sitting this past weekend for our family. A total of 4 dogs, (three at one house, one at another) and I've narrowed down our future pet choices. The "pet" must be mellow, older, not overweight, well-behaved and quiet. I think that leaves us with the choice between Webkinz or a pet rock.

Now, these are the thoughts that I've been thinking blogging about for a while now, but no one topic seemed important enough to have it's own dedicated post. All together and you get a glimpse in how strange and varied my mind is.


Susan says:
at: Jul 15, 2010, 9:53:00 PM said...

I think I need to do a post like this b/c I also have random thoughts that aren't each worth their own post.
I laughed out loud at the Webkinz or pet rock comment! I used to tell Brian that I wouldn't get a dog unless it didn't pee, poop, shed, smell bad, bark, jump, lick,... I'm glad Reesey doesn't shed at least.

elaine says:
at: Jul 18, 2010, 9:00:00 PM said...

what a great post! When you look back at your blog you will have a great snapshot of things in your life!